To all sleep medicine professionals and other interested parties,

Caught in the grip of the COVID19 pandemic, we are all facing unprecedented and unique challenges to our profession. We are pivoting and changing our processes in order to meet these challenges. As caretakers of our state professional society, we too are working to serve our profession in new ways. As we do this, we must forge ahead with caution, diligence, and a goal to continue caring for our patients as best as possible.

For the first time since our founding, we have decided that holding an annual meeting that requires people to gather in closely confined spaces is not in the best interest of our society. For this reason, we have canceled plans for the 2020 TSSP annual meeting. We are optimistic that we may resume in 2021.

In the absence of a meeting, we have decided to hold a series of webinars to help the members of our profession communicate and share best practices in this new environment. As many of you are reopening your programs, we believe that sharing information among our members and getting the thoughts of our Key Opinion Leaders on this subject will be helpful.

We will be holding our first webinar on Friday May 22nd at 4pm CST by way of a Zoom meeting. We will send the invitation for the meeting on Monday May 18. There will be no charge for this meeting and all interested parties are welcome to join.

Please submit any questions you have for the speakers to by 5pm on Tuesday May 19 so that we can organize them prior to the event.

  • Dr. Jairo Barrantes-Perez will speak on the AASM safety protocols in place during the pandemic
  • Dr. Vikas Jain will speak on HST and telehealth coding and processes as advised by the AASM
  • Dr. Vishal Patel will speak on his experiences and lab protocols as he has recently reopened his program
  • Dr. Phil Alapat will serve as a round table Key Opinion Leader during the question and answer session.
  • Dr. Cindy Jon, TSSP Vice President, and I will serve as the moderator and host for this event.

The following is a list of our invited speakers and their subject matter for the Key Opinion Leader round table discussion.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Greg Holt PhD, DABSM.  President
Cindy Jon M.D.  Vice President