TSSP 11th Annual Conference

Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX


September 6-7, 2019

The Texas Society of Sleep Professionals was founded in 2005 in the capital city of Austin Texas. 

Our membership includes all types of sleep professionals including sleep physicians, doctorate sleep professionals, sleep dentists, polysomnography technologists, respiratory therapists and nursing professionals. 

Our mission is to provide our members with opportunities for education and professional development that includes continuing education credits that all members require for their licensure.  In addition, we want to provide our members with an environment favorable for networking and collaboration. 

The highlight of our year is our annual meeting that runs for two days and includes 12 hours of continuing education credit. 

Our goal is to alter our meeting location every year between the major population centers of SE Texas, Central Texas and North Texas.  However, we occasionally alter our pattern when necessary.